Our Fees

Exchange Cryptocurrencies Fees

Currency Fee
All NGN Pair 0%

Withdraw/Send Cryptocurrency Fees

Currency Method Min Withdraw Fee
BTC Send to email BTC 0.0003 Free
BTC Send to Bitcoin Address BTC 0.0003 ~0.0002 BTC
ETH Send to email ETH 0.01 Free
ETH Send to Eth address ETH 0.01 ~0.01 ETH
LTC Send to email LTC 0.05 Free
LTC Send to Eth address LTC 0.05 ~0.001 LTC
ZCNOX Send to email ZCNOX 10 Free
ZCNOX Send to ZCNOX address ZCNOX 10 Free

Deposit/Receive Cryptocurrency Fees

Currency Method Min Deposit Fee
BTC Receive by email address BTC 0.0002 Free
BTC Receive by BTC Address BTC 0.0002 ~0.0002 BTC
ETH Receive by email address ETH 0.01 Free
ETH Receive by ETH Address ETH 0.01 ~0.01 ETH
LTC Receive by email address LTC 0.05 Free
LTC Receive by LTC Address LTC 0.05 ~0.001 LTC
ZCNOX Receive by email address ZCNOX 10 Free
ZCNOX Receive by ZCNOX Address ZCNOX 10 Free

Deposit Fiat Currency Fee

Currency Method Min Deposit Fee
NGN Bank Deposit/Mobile Transfer NGN 2000 Free
NGN VoguePay NGN 2000 1%
USD Epay USD 100 1% (Epay fee not included)
USD Bank Wire USD 100 0.5%(min:USD 5)

Withdrawal Fees

Currency Method Min Withdrawal Fee
NGN To local Bank Account NGN 1000 NGN 200
USD Epay USD 100 1% (Epay fee not included)
USD Bank Wire USD 100 1% (min:USD 5)

Withdrawal Limit

Currency Unverified Account Verified Account
Cryptocurrencies Max Withdraw: Unlimited month Max Withdraw: Unlimited month
NGN Max Withdraw: NGN1,000,000 per month Max Withdraw: NGN100,000,000 per month
USD Max Withdraw: -- Max Withdraw: USD1,000,000 per month
  1. Deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are processed immidiately.
  2. NGN Bank deposit request are processed immediately during working hours. We are always online to process your deposit
  3. NGN withdrawal requests are processed within 24hrs
  4. USD deposits through Epay are processed within 15 minutes.
  5. Bank wire deposits and withdrawals takes 1-2days